Qt application programming.

Linux version Simple Countdown is a free simple Qt application for displaying time progress of important events. Time progress can be configured with start and end date/time or it can countdown from application start to defined end date/time. Each time progress bar component can be parametric with/or without finish line and with/or without blinking state at the end of defined time period.


WinXP version Linux package consists of executable, xml file and shell script. Shell script file ( can be placed KDE's startup folder (/home/[username]/.kde4/Autostart). Before usage don't forget to make files accessible (sudo chmod 777 /[application folder]/*), and edit correct path to xml and executable files:

MPARAM="/[path to your xml file]/CounterBarParam.xml" /[path to your application]/CountDownApp $MPARAM

Windows package consists of executable, xml and necessary dll files. To use automatic start of application, you can create shortcut and move it into startup windows menu.



Win7 version Progress bar events configuration is defined in CounterBarParam.xml file. Each bar section consists of these parameters:

  • name - Name of event
  • FinishFlag - Enable/Disable displaying finishing period with red color
  • FinishValue - Value (%) of the beginning finishing period
  • EndAlarm - Enable/Disable blinking bar after 100% is reached
  • startYear - Starting year of the event
  • startMonth - Starting month of the event
  • startDay - Starting day of the event
  • startHour - Starting hour of the event
  • startMinute - Starting minute of the event
  • endYear - End year of the event
  • endMonth - End month of the event
  • endDay - End day of the event
  • endHour - End hour of the event
  • endMinute - End minute of the event